A small team of developers specializing in research and solving complex IT problems.


* Work for Orion Protocol - aggregator of crypto exchanges

  Shortly after launch the daily volume reached $30M. The ORN token has grown more than 70 times since the sale.

  Development of smart-contracts, frontend and some backend services.

* Fire Lotto

  The project has raised $6M dollars, the jackpot is 1200 ETH.

  Full IT development and support of the project - pre-ICO, ICO, Blockchain Lottery.

* Cash Poker Pro Electronic Tables

  Creation of hardware for an electronic poker table and development of a system that fully automates the work of poker clubs.

  Over a million live poker hands played in the first year.

* Overkings, BDirect - browser MMORPG

  Over 3 million players.

  In-house client side programming.

* World Poker Club, Crazy Panda

  Over 65 million installs. The most popular social poker in Russia and the CIS.

  In-house mobile app programming.


* 1st place - Telegram Chart Contest JavaScript 1

  Review: "Incredible size - only 4Kb after gzip. Impressive performance on a wide variety of devices".

  Ahead of 559 other works.

* 1st place - Telegram Fixes Competition JavaScript

  "The task, however, is not for everybody: you will have to make sense of a largely undocumented piece of code,
  proactively search for issues (potentially getting feedback from users/designers/testers) and
  find creative ways to fix imperfections without causing negative side effects to Telegram’s performance or usability.
  We hope this new bonus contest will help developers perfect their already incredible skills".

* 1st place - TON Blockchain Contest Final

  "We are impressed by the skill of the participants and congratulate all the winners".

* 2nd place - Web Telegram Contest Final

  Ahead of 113 other works.

  The task was to develop a fully functional web version of the Telegram messenger from scratch
  without using third-party frameworks.